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A civil activist and an advocate of the oppressed working class of Iran, Sepideh Gholian, who was arrested during workers’ protests, and endured four years and seven months of imprisonment in the dungeon, of the Islamic regime, was released from the case of Haft Tappeh workers, but her freedom didn’t last long and few hours later, she was arrested again by the security apparatus of the Islamic Republic, and taken back to prison.

Sepideh Gholian, only minutes after her release, in front of prison gates, chanted slogans against Ali Khamanei and showed her loyalty and advocacy for the current revolutionary uprising movement, to which, her happiness was posted on social media. She spent nearly five years in the most notorious dungeons of the despotic ruling system and expressed her protests repeatedly, against the inhumane conditions of the imprisoned and the suffering of women, torture and widespread executions in the countries’ prisons.
Sepideh Gholian, who has spent the best years of her young life in the dungeons of the Islamic Republic, repeatedly, she has been accused of propagating activities against the ruling system, but she never stopped her brilliant disclosures and her resistance, therefore she is a symbol of women’s struggle and persistence in the current movement in Iran today.
After her short freedom, she announced: ‘’I have come out this time hoping for Iran’s emancipation.’’
Shortly after her release, Sepideh Gjolian, on the way home, together with her family, was stopped by intelligence and security forces, arrested and taken back to prison.
Hostility and brutal behavior of the Islamic rulers with the brave and aware women of our country-Iran is not hidden from anyone in and outside of the country.
Currently, hundreds of these brave Iranian women, are imprisoned, due to their civic, political, ideological and environmental activities and some of them, like Zainab Jalalian. have spent their entire youth, in dungeons and torture centers of the Islamic regime.
The progressive international community and public opinion of the world, must not be silent towards these crimes against our noble Iranian women.
In more than four decades, the Islamic Republic has not stopped any crime against political and ideological dissidents and critics. In its historic burgeoning records, the Islamic regime has continued the nationwide execution of Political and ideological prisoners, systematic torture and silent murders in prisons. Therefore, in our belief the re-arrest of Sepideh Gholian and her immediate transfer to a torture center, is dangerous and very worrying.
We, the political, social, cultural and artistic activists, whilst condemning the re-arrest of Sepideh Gholian, a worker and civil activist, call on the organizations, institutions and advocates of political and ideological prisoners and human rights and dignity, to strongly condemn this anti-humane behavior of the security and intelligence agencies of the Islamic Republic and stand with the Iranian revolutionary movement, for unconditional and immediate release of all political and ideological prisoners.

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The names of the supporters:
Azar Mahloujian - Writer and translator
Amir Javaheri Langeroudi – Labor activist
Ali Jousefi - media activists
Anvar Mirsatari - human rights activist
Abolfazl Ordoukhani
Arash Kamangar - Political and media activists
Asgar Shirinbolaghi - Political activist
Ajdar Amiri - Political activist
Arjang Borhan
Akbar Deylami - factory worker
Asghar Zeynoldin - Political activist
Ali Pichgah - Labor activist
Ali Mahdavi - Political activist, Cyprus
Ahmad Eskandari - political analyst
Ali Akbar Hadipour - Political activist
Ahmad Azizpour - Political activist
Abdolsalam Molaahmadi
Ali Zangiabadi - political activist. Albania
Amin Bayat - political analyst
Ali Satari - Political activist and former political prisoner
Amir Mirzaian - Political activist and former political prisoner
Amador Navidi - Political and media activists
Ali Damavandi - Political and media activists
Ahmad Saidi - Political activist
Asghar Salimi
Ardeshir Nazari
Ahmad Vahdani - Political activist , Norway
Akbar Karimian - political analyst
Azim Motavar - From the Board of Directors of the Committee for the Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Ali Rahimi
Ali Kargaran
Ali Fayaz
Ahmad Alipour – Social helper
Amir Dehghan
Amin Weysi
Bahereh Yazdanpanah - From the Board of Directors of the Committee for the Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Bagher Ebrahimzadeh - Political activist and former political prisoner
Bijan Niabati - political analyst
Bahram Rahmani - political analyst and Writer
Bahram Soltani - human rights activist
Behrouz Sooren - Political activist and former political prisoner
Behnam Changai - political activist
Babak Yazdi - Executive Director of Khavaran Center
Bahram Moezi - political activist, Germany
Behrooz Mostajaboldaveh
Dr. Zari Shams - Former university professor
Daryoush Haghani
Dr. Majid Moshayedi - Political activist
Davoud Ahmadloo - Political activist
Dr. Hasan Najebhashem - human rights activist
Dr. Parviz Davarpanah - Political and media activists
Ebrahim Pouyan - Political activist
Ebrahim Asterki - Political activist
Ebrahim Dinkhah - Political activist
Esmail Fatahi - human rights activist
Ehsan Sabet - Political activist
Ebad Amouzad - political analyst
Esmail Moradi - Political activist, Germany
Fati Haghpanah - Women's rights activist
Fatemeh Sobhani - Women's rights activist
Fatemeh Rezai - human rights activist
Firoozeh Rad - Women's rights activist
Farideh Bahaoldini
Farokh Ghahremani - Political activist and former political prisoner
Fariborz Mehran Adib
Fariborz Farshim - Political activist
Farid Mehran Adib
Faramarz Bahar
Farzad Mahmoudi - Political activist and Civil activist
Farhad Seyedloo - Political activist and former political prisoner
Farhad Besharat - Political activist
Fereydoun Tahmasebi
Golnaz Rahimi
Gholam Asgari - labor activist in exile
Gholamreza Morshedian – musician
Gholamreza Partovi - Political activist and Writer
Gashtasb Bavand - Political activist, Canada
Homa Moradi - Independent left activist, feminist
Hassan ( Daryadel ) Tavana - Political activist, Iran
Hossein Maleki - Political activist and former political prisoner
H. Riahi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Habib Bahrman
Hossein Shrzad - human rights activist and former political prisoner
Hossein Moghadam - Activist of the anti-capitalist labor movement with the Soviet alternative
Hossein Mahini - Cinematographer-photographer
Hasan Hesam - Left-wing political analyst and political activist
Hossein Naghipour - Political and media activists
Houzan Khaledian - Asylum seeker cartoonist in Germany
Hossein Lajevardi – Sociologist
Hassan Hesam – Writer, Poet and Leftist political analyst
Hassan Pouya - One of the founders of Khavaran Center
Jaleh Sahand - Political activist and former political prisoner
Jalal Saidi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Jousef Azizi Banitaraf - Writer and journalist
Jadi Mahmoudi
Jousef Abkhoun – Labor activist
Jalil Hosseini
Jahangir Laghai – Economist, Germany
Jamshid Safapour - Labor activist
Jafar Hosseinzadeh - Political activist
Jadolah Baladi
Kiarash Shariatjoo - human rights activist
Khalifeh Mousavi - Political activist
K. Alvand - political analyst
Kambiz Fatehi - Environmental researcher - asylum seeker in Germany
Kambiz Gilani - Poet
Kamran Paydar - Political activist
Kian Nazarian
Kia Sabri - Political activist, Canada – Torento
Kusha Shayan - Communist political activist
Mahboubeh Meshkin
Mansoureh Behkish - From Khavaran family and political activist
Maryam Amani - Political activist
Monireh Baradaran - human rights activist and former political prisoner
Mia Margavi
Mehrafagh moghimi Niaki - Political activist and former political prisoner
Maryam Mohseni - Labor activist - in the field of women workers
Minoo Homayli - Political and women's rights activist and former political prisoner
Minoo Irani
Monir Moshashai
Mohsen Torkaman - Political activist and former political prisoner
Manouchehr Taghavi Bayat - Former university professor and political analyst
Majid Ajang - political analyst and media activists
Mohamad reza Jusefi
Mehdi Mahdavifar - Statement member 14
Majid Darabeygi - Political activist and former political prisoner
Mohamad Nazari - Protesting asylum seeker in Germany
Morad Azimi - Political and social activist
Mehran Mahboubi
Maziar Vahedi - Environmentalist
Majid Rostampour - Political activist, Cyprus
Mohamad Alinejad - Former Iranian justice judge, resident of Cologne, Germany, political and human rights activist
Mahmoud Zirak
Mohsen Ebrahimi
Mojtaba Nazari
Mehdi Ashoogh - Political activist and former political prisoner, Netherlands
Majid Dehban
Misagh Parsa - Professor of Sociology - United States
Mahmoud Mehran Adib
Morteza Kavian
Mehdi Zolfaghari - Political activist, America
Mo. Parvin - Human rights activist and university professor
Nasrin Ahmadi - Women's rights activist
Narges Jahan
Negar Mohseni - Women's rights activist
Negar Naderi - From the Board of Directors of the Committee for the Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Neda Farokh - Human rights activist
Neda Noavar - Women's rights activist
Naghi Riahi Langeroudi - Political activist
Naser Saberi - Political activist and family member of the deceased
Navid Mohamadi - Political activist
Naser Kashkouli - Member of the Communist Labor Party of Iran
Nader Sani - political analyst, Teacher
Nasreldin Deni
Omid Rostampour - Political activist, Germany
Omar Minai - Labor activist
Parvin Mohseni
Parvin Riahi - Women's rights activist
Parisa Azami
Parisa Pouyandeh - Responsible for the Committee of Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Parwin Malek - Women's rights activist and Political activist
Pouran Fakour - podologist, civil activist, Dortmund, Germany
Parviz Mirmokri – Poet
Parviz Zarghami - Political activist, Germany
Pirooz Zoorchang - Political activist and former political prisoner
Rafat Ranjbaran Langeroudi - Political activist
Roshanak Mirzai
Reza Mohajer
Reza Sepidroudi - Political activist
Rahim Falahatnejad - Former political prisoner, German political activist
Reza Hasanpour - Former political prisoner, German political activist
Reza Esmaili - University professor . Netherlands
Reza Baghri – Poet, Writer and political activist
Rasoul Shokati - Political activist and former political prisoner
Reza Bishetab – Poet
Rashid Mohamadi - Asylum seeker artist and actor in Germany
Rasoul Kenarehfard
Rahim Shirbolaghi - Political activist
Reza Asadian
Reza Boroumand - Political activist. Sweden
Soraya Fatahi - Political activist
Soheyla Mosafer - Political activist
Shahin Navai - Feminist, women's movement activist
Sima Riahi Langeroudi - Political activist
Shahla Abghari - Political activist and university professor
Shadi Deljoui - Political activist, Germany
Soheyla Arab Pourian - Political activist and Women's rights activist
Sima Sahebi – political activist and human rights, and litigator ,Germany
Simin Oskoui – plaintiff
Sousan Bahadori
Sholeh Zamini - human rights activist
Simin Esfahani - Political activist and Women's rights activist
Shiva Mahboubi - Spokesperson of the Committee for the Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Shirin Ahmadi Sarvestani - Asylum seeker poet in Turkey
Soheyla Dalvand - From the Board of Directors of the Committee for the Struggle for the Release of Political Prisoners
Sedigheh Sharifi
Shahla Khabaz zadeh
Shahin Amiri
Samir Garshasbi - Human rights activist and trade union of Torino, Italy
Sirus Mirzai - Doctor defending human rights - Vienna
Siavosh Abghari - Political activist and university professor
Sirvan Enayati - Journalist living in the United States
Sadegh Afrouz - political activist
Sepehrdad Gorgin
Shami Salavati - Political activist and former political prisoner
Shahin Kazemi - Political activist
Siamak Jahanbakhsh - political activist
Salam Ziji - Socialist political analyst
Siamak Farid
Siavosh Modaresi - political analyst
Sam Montazeri - Political and media activists
Sirvan Mansouri - Journalist and director of the Hana-Asylum Seeker website in Turkey
Siavosh Karsaz - human rights activist
Saman - Netherlands
Taraneh Rousta - human rights activist and Woman rights activist
Tonia Valioghlou - Women's rights activist
Tahmineh Baghai – Left political activist
Zaman Masoudi – Hamburg, Germany, Political activist of the international women's movement
Zahra Ghasempour Fard

Signed by Organizations:
Iranian Freedom and Welfare Party
Iran Info - Wien
Ismail Khoi Foundation
Kanon Khavaran
The foundation of efforts to institutionalize human rights ( Mehr )
Iran Azad - Center for the Protection of Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy - Germany

Signed by sites and weblogs:
Agahi news
Sozialism Emrouz
Radio Payam – Canada
Sedaye Mardom
Ehteram Azadi
Eshterak Wordpress

Rozh Halat
Reza Bishetab
Roozshomar Kargari
Majid Moshayedi